Solar Dominion The Transcend Solipsist Panvirtuality Cygexba The Lost Colony of Guanche The Red Star M'Pire Oshiq Solar Dominion Archaipelago Cygexba Cygexba Archosaurian Empire Solar Dominion Panthalassa MPA MPA To'ul'h Prime Solipsist Panvirtuality Zoeific Biopolity Mutual Progress Association Solar Dominion Niuearth Sadalmelik Enif Prefecture Wurm Pleiades The Inner Sphere Oikoumene Dyson Djed Arkab Prior A+B Albireo Ribblehead Communion of Worlds Biovirate Ararat Argelander Geminga Betelgeuse Adhara The Dreamspheres Harmonic-Resonance Umma of the Core Umma of the Shell Alnitak Rigel Orion Nebula Orion Federation Enremdea Metasoft Version Tree Dilmun Heimat Cooperative Venture Surreal_Rash Miracle City Gammergan Sagittarius NoCoZo Negentropy Alliance NoCoZo Zennor Tunh Efficiency Maximization Paradigm NoCoNeg Retina Nebula Disarchy TrueModel Utopia Sphere Puppis Democracy Metasoft Version Tree Sophic League Sophic League Corambytia Protectorate The Fleet of Worlds Keter Prediction Cluster Serpens Region Mutual Progress Association Keter Oracle Machines Territory Skiiwsnnii Black Acropolis Locality of Wolfra NoCoZo NoCoZo Refugium Federation Ozymandias and the Premacy Here (Oia) Cantor and Chorus Emple-dokcetics Verifex Nebula Oh-F-Star-4 Arkady_2 NoCoZo Metasoft Version Tree Terran Federation Pardes Pereira Dumbbell Nebula

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Each square is a thousand light years on a side; bear in mind however that the disk of the galaxy is more than two thousand light years thick at this point, and locations that appear next to each other may be very far from each other.