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Full Version: Greetings ^^
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Greetings. I am a young amateur writer from Sweden, interested in constructing exoplanets and writing science fiction novellae. Let's see if I can write this now without verification Wink
Welcome to the forums! We're always looking for new stories and places for the setting Smile feel free to post threads of any ideas, questions or comments you have.
Hi there, Welcome to OASmile


We are very interested in new fiction contributions, and of course worldbuilding.

You may be aware that one of our founding contributors, Anders Sandberg, hails from Sweden, although he is based in Oxford these days, I believe. On a completely different note, this planet in OA was settled largely by people with ancestors from Scandinavia, although this is not mentioned explicitly in the text.
I am not of Scandinavian/Nordic ethnicity Tongue