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Full Version: Hey All (Again!) - Account Change Notice
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(Formerly A.J. Garth)

Hey guys, just thought I'd post a notice that I've switched to a new account - using a pseudonym was getting a bit old, so I decided to just switch to my real (abbreviated) name. Smile
Nifty - Welcome AndrewSmile

We'll be wanting to update any artwork you've done that's made it to the site so far. BTW, have you put a bio together for the site yet? It's totally optional, but if you'd like to put a brief 'about Andrew P' blurb together, we can add it to the Contributors section.
I believe I submitted a bio for my old account, all that would need to be done is change the username - I don't have any other changes in mind Smile
I've gone in and updated your bio and all the images that I could find/identify as created by you. If I've missed anything, or messed anything up, please let me know and we'll get it fixed.


I've changed a few more, and (if Google Images is anything to go by) that should be most of them.
Thank you both! Everything looks good as far as I can tell. Smile