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Full Version: ESA makes a sci-fi movie about comets!
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The ESA made a 7-minute short about future folks discussing the Rosetta mission. This is awesome and a fun glimpse at what might be possible in Orion's Arm.
Agreed, this is very funSmile The image of 'the future' is evocative of what ufog or an angelnet or even 'just' a virch controlled by thought might do.

It also makes me wonder how much of any given OA surround is rigid structure and how much is just a temporary configuration, remade or recycled as the need (or mood) requires.

I can't help it, maybe it's the Game of Thrones, but Aiden Gillen is creepy as hell. I mean the way he looks at his apprentice reminds me of Littlefinger and Sansa.

BTW any guess on where or when this could happen in OA? My bet is on Negentropy.
In terms of 'When' it could be any time after the First Federation if we assume that the floating sphere's and other such things are ufog projections. If we assume they are in a virtuality, it could be even before then. Although, it could be more fun to think it is from later in the timeline.

As to 'Where', the surroundings seem a bit stark - possibly implying either a pre-terraformed or partly terraformed planet. Or some kind of virtuality designed to be on the stark side. The impacting comets that produce visually spectacular, but non-harmful, effects despite their close proximity would perhaps support the virtuality option. Maybe a simulation or real-time feed of a terraforming project perhaps?

(10-27-2014, 12:23 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: [ -> ]As to 'Where', the surroundings seem a bit stark -

Enough with the Starks, this isn't Game of Throne. Smile

Quote: possibly implying either a pre-terraformed or partly terraformed planet.

Or late pre-Nanodisaster Iceland. I'd say post-GAIA, too, but I don't see Earth's modern hippy occupants praising spaceflight in that fashion. Pre-Nanodisaster would probably require more virch assistance, though.

There are stark, beautiful places around Earth and terraformed planets. When you can wave your hands to move tons of rock around, shelter is minutes away. Try imagining camping with that sort of ufog at hand. Besides being able to set up a really cool camp, you could camp just about anywhere. Hop in your hypersonic triphibian OA supercar for a weekend on a volcanic island or some such.