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I am thinking about writing in the OA universe. OA seems so versatile that you could write for more than just the SciFi genre. For example, a gunslinger "western" could be set on a planet that's protected by a caretaker as a baseline preserve. Fanatsy swords and sorcery would also be a possiblity, with "wizards" being avatars of transapients and dwaves and elves being other clades of human. I am still researching, but I love the huge scope of the OA universe and hopefully, I'll have a few shorts to show, soon.
Welcome to OA!
Yes, there is a very large number of possibilities for worlds in the Terragen Sphere; quite a few are already described as resembling various historical or fantastical eras and scenarios. Some citizens seem to like the idea of live-action role playing, and take this to various extremes. Perhaps they are accustomed to fantastical worlds inside virches.
Welcome to OA! There sure are a lot of diverse places in the setting and given OA technology societies could choose to have all sorts of set ups and "themes".
Welcome to OA! If you have any questions about any aspect of the setting, please feel free to post them to whichever subforum seems most relevant.


Welcome to OA, Robert!

I agree with your comments regarding different subgenres. The beauty of OA is that it allows its "mortal" characters to explore the vast universe outside their tiny worlds, to expand their minds and learn the true nature of the reality that they live in. Much like Neo in The Matrix, or any story of exploration and discovery.