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Full Version: SyFy's Ascension
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The last 2 minutes of episode 1 cheapened the whole experience for me. I'm going to watch the rest of the mini-series in hopes it recovers, but...dammit, that plot twist destroyed the whole reason I was watching Ascension.

It did, however, explain the artificial gravity.
(12-18-2014, 03:21 AM)Cray Wrote: [ -> ]dammit, that plot twist destroyed the whole reason I was watching Ascension.

Same for me. Im not even going to watch the rest. The ending removed the gravity plothole and added about two dozen new ones. The entire plot now looks like swiss cheese left in middle of shooting range on discounted ammo day.
I pretty much figured out the 'twist' about 5 min in, TBH. At that point it pretty much just became an exercise in powering thru until the story caught up to what I was 95% sure was going to happen. I tend to do this a lot with movies and TV shows, although this probably set a record for how fast I figured it out:/ I'm deliberately not thinking to hard about it to avoid tripping over plot holes or there really will be no point in finishing it.

It probably helped that I've read a story back in the 80s that basically used the same twist. And another that used a variant.

I've seen parts 1 and 2 so I guess I'll watch part 3 tonight. I have a good idea how that's likely to end, but perhaps getting there will be entertaining.

I really wish SyFy had a better track record with producing movies or shows worth watching. For every BSG or SG1, we seem to get about 10 Ghost Hunters and 50 Sharknados. Bleh.

I don't suppose episode 2 and/or 3 un-did any of the episode 1 twist, did it? I don't mind the spoilers but I need to wait until about Sunday or Monday to see what my DVR captured.
Watching episode 3 now.

Short answer - nope, but they added another twist.

I can PM it to you if you want.

(12-18-2014, 12:35 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: [ -> ]Short answer - nope, but they added another twist.

I can PM it to you if you want.

That's alright. I'll catch it this weekend. I'll probably grump less if I know less about it. Smile
I suspect you'll make up for it with the trumping you'll do after you do know about itWink

I know I sort of did and I'm usually pretty forgiving of movies.

I would have like to see the end of that series, before they cancelled it. But still, I wonder if we could create a worldship or something based on that concept aka 1906's in space.
Bump. Any ideas for a 1960's worldship?
What do you mean when you say "1960s"? Which culture? In any case it would be entirely possible in OA to build a worldship and have the culture and interior technology be modeled on a past time. The actual guts of the craft would likely need more advanced tech but that can be hidden away. One concern is my usual one of overloading the setting with modern/recent history entries so that would have to be thought about.

In any case: it's your idea! Go write it up Wink
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