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Full Version: MS Word Question
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I'm working on a Word document (can't share it, sorry) that has an odd indenting problem: the first line on every page is indented half an inch. The problem appears whether the document is opened in both Word 2010 and 2013.

**The indent occurs regardless of the "style" of the first line: body text, different headers, etc., all get indented. When a new line gets bumped to the top of a page, it automatically takes on the indent. It only happens to the top line of the page.
**I always use "show hidden characters" and no spaces, tabs, or invisible pixies are pushing the text over.
**There are no tabs set for the indent. (None appear on the ruler of that line, anyway.)
**There are no paragraph settings mandating this indent that I can see. It is not repeated on any other paragraphs of a page.
**The margins are consistent for the whole page. At least, the page ruler does not show an indented margin for the first line.
**I haven't found another page layout setting that might influence the first line of a page, but that doesn't mean much.

Does anyone know how to format a Word document so the first line is always indented regardless of style, tabs, and margins?
Sorry I don't have much time but try this
(05-06-2015, 09:14 PM)Dalex Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry I don't have much time but try this

As far as I can tell, none of those indent techniques are at work.
Hah, found the bastard! There's some mysterious invisible box in the background accessible through the header and footer, some artifact of past template design ideas. The little box was up in the top left corner and text was wrapping around it. If you weren't in header/footer view, it wasn't even visible or clickable.