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Full Version: Quintuple Star System
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Why am I hearing Sesame Street's Count? Three...four...ah-ah-ah...five stars!
Neat Smile can't help but think of Kiyoshi:
Two eclipsing binaries and a loner in one group. Nice.
At only 250ly away, this system has the potential to be home to a fairy major civ of some kind.

Normally, we'd probably have it being an MPA/Negent/NoCoZo system or something. But I'd like to suggest that we give it to one of the empires we haven't done as much with. Maybe the Sophic League, Terran Federation, or Solar Dominion or something. Just to broaden our baseline a bit.

This looks really exciting and definitely worth incorporating into OA...
Has anyone been able to find specific parameters on where it's actually located? That article just says 250 light years away in Ursa Major. (Whose turf would that be?)
Though I guess it's close enough to have been settled by an independent, potentially? Lots of room for a long history...
It could even be split up... each binary could have a polity, and the loner another one...
Ursa Major is mostly Solar Dominion territory. I like the idea of a contact binary in the sky of a colonised planet; it would look curious, especially at sunrise and sunset.
I think the fact that the system has a lot of stars would be another argument in favor of the Solar Dominion. (I'm also just personally quite fond of that sephirotic.)

Any chance of a collaboration to develop the system? Who might be interested?
I can make an image of the contact binary some time today...
(07-10-2015, 12:17 AM)stevebowers Wrote: [ -> ]I can make an image of the contact binary some time today...

i'm looking forward to this.
The red dwarf is visible at the edge of the picture, but only just.
[Image: contact-sunset.jpg]
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