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Full Version: how am i to write anything meaningful without JSTOR?
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i lost my access about 6 months ago, and i haven't tried to do any research since then. when i was writing an RPG setting based on Bantu cultures and mythology, i read *hundreds* of papers. can we, perhaps, as part of OA beatify Aaron Swartz? i know its copyrighted (the bitterness) and we can't use it, but seriously, people:

[Image: TSA.gif]
Regardless of my personal feelings of the issue (pro-open access journals, recognise the need for journals to make money to survive) I would rather the OAUP didn't entangle itself with current/topical issues of a controversial (in legal terms) nature.
One way to celebrate people you admire is to name a colony after them. I've followed this strategy too many times to mention.
no, i'm seriously asking - is there some way to do this other than me driving to the university and downloading it to a thumb drive, which is apparently legal, or at least the librarians were eager to help me do it. that's DUMB. isn't there some alumuni association that gets access rights? i do the 3 on the shelf at JSTOR, which is actually pretty helpful (does everyone know about that?) but some of the companies are just bitches.

how would it hurt to offer scholarship access? does anyone ever actual pay the list price? they wouldn't loose money and they'd look like heroes. and we all get more early tests for pancreatic cancer.
Which country are you from? That might change how you can get access. Some public libraries offer JSTOR access and some universities offer access to their alumni.

As for scholarship access I'm not sure what you mean. I believe that JSTOR's business model is to host journals and sell access to them to organisations. If they allow free access to individuals they will not make any more money. I'm also not sure what you mean by pancreatic cancer.
Jack Andraka, a 14yo boy who used open access and devised a new, early test for pancreatic cancer that can save LOTS of lives.

USA. Yes, but i suspect no one ever buys the articles individually, thus if you can prove some basic need and don't have university access, a scholarship account costs them nothing.