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Full Version: potential future cure for type-1-diabetes
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According to this article

Wendy Peacock's type-1-diabetes disappeared after she received an islet cell transplant. Unfortunately it's not a cure yet. It's more like a "trade-off", because now she has to take immunosuppressant drugs instead of insulin. But there is hope: Wrote:Ricordi told the Miami Herald last year that within three to seven years there will be a cure for Type1 patients.

“It’s not a prediction — it’s a promise that I make to patients. We will defeat this disease for sure,” Ricordi told the Herald in November. “Depending on how many obstacles we hit, and regulatory complexities and cost, it could take more than 10 years, depending, but we’re getting there.”

Here's more information:

According to this quote immunosuppressant drugs may not be necessary in the future: Wrote:3. Will anti-rejection drugs be needed in this trial?

Yes. While the DRI’s goal is to eliminate the use of these systemic drugs, this first trial is designed to test the new omental pouch site. To compare the results of the previously used liver site to the omentum (abdominal lining), DRI researchers must limit the variables that might confuse the results. Therefore, in this initial step, they will use the same immunosuppression, islet processing and matching criteria as in previous islet transplant studies.