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Full Version: Stars nearest to other stars
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Is there a resource I can use that lets me find what stars are closest to other stars?

Star X is 50 light years away from Earth
Star Y is 51 light years away from Earth

These stars could be 1 light year from each other, and hence it would be expected they would have a lot of interaction, sharing culture, faction stuff, major events impacting them both, etc.

Or they could be 101 light years apart, and it is unlikely more than a few of anything from one system would ever visit the other within all of galactic history.

So is there a resource I can use to find what stars that are in close proximity to other stars, not Earth? Is there a resource that can tell me how far away Star X is from Star Y?
Yes - Celestia is good for this. Alternately you can use the on-line Stellar Database
but I think that database is a little out of date.