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Full Version: Sci-Fi fix for the week
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Here's a 4-minute video narrated by Carl Sagan called, "Wanderers." David Brin tipped me off to it:

"Every few years, this epic-good short film gets rediscovered by the Web and re-viraled… as it should be, time and again. It is that good. That beautiful and inspiring." --Brin
Love it! I recall seeing this years ago ... I think. Are there any companion pieces or like works?

I am on a hard SF solsys kick with "The Expanse" coming out soon.
The BBC program Space Odyssey (Voyage To The Planets) had some amazing effects and tech.
Nifty stuffSmile Our imagery and graphics are always improving. Maybe someday we'll be able to do video or images similar to those in these shows but depicting life in Y11K.