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and Salutations!

I've been lurking the OAP for a few years now. The sheer scale of the universe having been the source of the insatiable curiosity (and initially, a bit of reluctance concerning the staggering amount of reading material) that has kept me up more than a few nights trawling the EG.

I come now with the desire to delve even deeper into this universe and get more acquainted with the community as well as possibly offer contributions by way of concept art.

[Image: 79NbiLN.png]
A rough Siberoo - before I realized there were more than enough images for that species.

Looking forward to it. Stay awesome you guys.
Welcome to OA! That is a very good image indeed. I'm sure we'll find a place for it.
Hi There!

Welcome to OA Smile

Welcome to OA forums! That's a fantastic image Smile we can never have to much art. What kind of things most interest you about the setting?
Heya! Big Grin welcome to OA. Smile Cool to see a new artist on the site - I like the image! Big Grin
Welcome to oa
Nice drawing skills
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

(12-01-2015, 01:06 AM)Rynn Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome to OA forums! That's a fantastic image Smile we can never have to much art. What kind of things most interest you about the setting?

There is much to choose from, and I find myself constantly switching between subjects, but I think what drew me into it the most was the near-limitless potential for characters and stories. The staggering amount of locales set that up well enough. Add to that all the races, cultures, and everything else. It's overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

That and kinda wishing I could be a resident in this world. Living paycheck to paycheck, the idea of not having to work for basic necessities and being able to use that time pursuing other interests sounds like a dream come true. I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most educated individual institution-wise, but I love learning new things. Being able to download knowledge or split and have a copy learn for you sounds beyond amazing.
The potential for exploring what it's actually like to live in a post-scarcity world was a big draw for me too Smile I often imagine how different my life would be if money wasn't such a huge concern (I also live paycheck to paycheck with little left over). And if I was in an OA civ learning is definitely something I'd devote a huge amount of time to. The potential for tachydidaxy is huge; with a memory and concentration boost alone I can't imagine how much faster I could learn. Add in fully adaptive lessons, pattern recognition enhancements, augments for parallel processing and memory editing...well I played around with that idea in this thread. Long story short is that something akin to multiple IRL first class degrees could be effortlessly obtained by an OA sophont in just a few months.

Downloading knowledge is something I've often thought of taking a look at, in terms of how we treat it in OA. I'm of the opinion that sophonts (at least those neurotypically similar to humans) would tend to prefer enhanced learning over direct memory edits. The reason being that personality for us is a very fragile thing and if there's one thing that has a good change of changing personality it's education. Change over time is perfectly natural, so fast education with the risk of fast personality change could be largely acceptable. But the type of thing where you go to sleep and wake up with decades-worth of new memories? Even assuming the program that did it compensated for any major psychological disorders that could take place you're very likely to wake up a significantly different person.

Of course that's the other great thing about OA you touched on Smile diversity! In some societies and for some people waking up a new person is perfectly normal and acceptable. In others it's undesirable and a more cautious approach prefered.
Welcome to OA, Lectabat!

I like your Siberoo!
I've used this image as the lead graphic on the Splice page, and added it to the Siberoo page as well.
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