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Full Version: 31 exoplanets have been officially named by the IAU
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If there are any Orion's Arm articles on these planets, the IAU's new names should probably be mentioned.
I remember seeing this a while back. I voted... I feel that, if we are to one day become a space-fareing civilization, this is actually an extremely historical moment as no planet outside of our solar system has an actual name... Its either a designation like HP 237828 or just a letter after its stars name. Pretty neat...

Good. About time.
Copernicus, Cervantes, Dagon, Ran, Chalawan, Tadmor, a few others; all these have articles in OA, and we can rename them in due course.
Anomie has now been edited to reflect the name change;
Ran (Epsilon Eridani) has been updated to reflect the new name change. I'll update the Eridanus League and other links in due course.
Danzig and Copernicus now updated
(previously Danzig and 55 Cancri) Chalawan (Akirate) updated; the Akirate Stevens can keep their old name, though. Why not? Negsoa (Mu Arae) updated. Dagon
and Dimidium (formerly Bellerophon; note that this name had been in fairly common use)
The Master Star list has now been updated,
and the Eridanus League
It should be pointed out that the newly-named star system, Titawin (Upsilon Andromedae A), is the subject of an article which is currently being written (the Santuario system

Due to the circumstances of this system's colonisation, it is likely that the Chilean colonists renamed the system, abandoning the old IAU names in favor of Spanish names. Nonetheless, this article should probably be tweaked to mention the original IAU names.