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Full Version: Suggestion: Orion's Arm Subreddit
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Hey guys. I have come bearing another suggestion for (hopefully) the betterment of Orion's Arm. I've noticed that OA has a Facebook page, a Twitter and a Tumblr page, but as far as I could tell, we do not have an official subreddit. Reddit is of course a pretty popular site, and I will admit I am a bit biased, having been an avid Redditor for the past year or so. I'm not sure how many people here are that familiar with it, although I think it's worth having a sub for OA. Ideally, we could link a random article every few days[1], and it would be a great place for people new to the project to ask questions.


[1] if we go ahead with this, articles linked should prolly be chosen by the mods of the sub, although I think we should have a policy on not linking your own work, as pimping one's own article comes off as a bit cheap
As long as there are people who are willing to manage this on an ongoing basis as part of their 'day job' then I don't really see a problem with it. Since you mention mods for it, it sounds like you already have that in mind as part of this.

I agree with your idea re choosing content.

If it's decided to do this, some kind of 'official' set of guidelines and policy around this should probably be created and written down somewhere so we have consistency across moderators both present and future.

My 2c worth,

I am an avid redditor, it's my most visited site along with this forum. However, I don't think it would be a good idea to have an OA subreddit. Facebook and tumbler are good for announcements more than anything. Reddit is far more based around discussion which would create a split function between an OA subreddit and the forum. Having two disconnected OA communities could cause quite a headache.
Well, geez, Rynn, aren't you the optimistic one?

...xD Just kidding. If you feel it wouldn't work, that's all cool. Big Grin fair enough criticism. just a suggestion ;p
Reddit might involve a different set of readers than the Facebook group, so it might be interesting to try it out. How does one do this?
Welp, you just need to create a Reddit account, and then make a sub. It aint too difficult, lol.

just checked and the name SteveBowers is available if you're interested Wink

EDIT: My friend generously created one, and transferred ownership over to me. If you guys are interested in this project I'll transfer adminship over to any mod that wants it, if not will delete if you guys wish
Post the link here, and we can see what happens.
Lol I don't think I'm entirely pessimistic Dodgy well maybe a bit Tongue

In any case, what would the subreddit be used for? Facebook, twitter etc are great for raising awareness and broadcasting updates. Reddit is primarily for people interested in a subject to come and discuss it. So what can a subreddit offer that this forum can't?
I suppose it allows it newer members to discuss things relating to the site without having to create an account on the forums?
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