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Full Version: Mmm. Smells like Almonds.
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Diamond planet found to have hydrogen cyanide in its atmosphere.
The new IAU name for this world is Janssen; here is my image of this world, from the Copernicus page
[Image: bremen.jpg]
Current research suggests that this is a large carbon planet, with a starward temperature of 2000 K; I think I might tweak this image accordingly.
I've now tweaked the colours and brightness of the image posted above, to make it look hotter and more colourful; I don't know what colour a hot carbon-rich world might be, but I'm guessing it would have a bit more hue in its clouds. I suppose, in reality, the star-ward side of this planet would be so bright (due to reflected light) that you wouldn't be able to see the heat on the dark side; but this is more of by way of an illustration of the planet than a candid photo.
Looks good, Steve.