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Full Version: Images of Nearby Galaxies
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Hi! I'm currently working on a writeup of Low Emission Zones (if nobody minds, I've turned the idea into a phenomenon which has been found in a number of nearby galaxies). I was hoping I might be able to acquire some images of the Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies, to fill in a few HEECs on them, much like we have on the Search Non-Terragen Intelligence page ( I haven't been able to find any images "spread flat" as it were, and was wondering if anybody would know where I could find one, or if any generous would be able to make some for me?

The Triangulum Galaxy is already almost face-on to Earth, so would only take a little tweaking to become a top-down map. Andromeda is a bit more tilted relative to us, so might take a bit more work.
Interestingly, the Andromeda Galaxy shows a ring-like, rather than a spiral-like structure in several wavelengths; any top-down map should indicate this structure.
[Image: 1280px-Andromeda_galaxy_2.jpg]
Bear in mind that the Triangulum Galaxy is primarily inhabited by the creators of the Triangulum Transmission. IIRC there are also one or two civs mentioned as being in Andromeda.

I am aware of the Triangulum civilization, and I plan to include it - although I might point out that it's not necessarily "primarily" inhabited by them Tongue after all, the Milky Way isnt primarily inhabited by Terragens
[attachment=769]Maps as seen from above; the orientation is random I'm afraid, although the satellite galaxy M110 gives some idea of absolute direction in the Andromeda image, and NGC 604 does the same in the Triangulum image
Thanks, Steve! They'll do nicely Big Grin
I've slightly enhanced the curious ring feature in Andromeda, here