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Full Version: Would a Work-Free World Be So Bad?- The Atlantic Magazine
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Would a Work-Free World Be So Bad?- The Atlantic Magazine
InterestingSmile It's late here and I only had time to do a quick skim of the article (will read it fully when I get time), but it appears to fit in with much of what has been said in OA when the subject of living in places without money or a work requirement comes up. In particular the section about hunter-gatherer's and work is basically what Stephen has said many times.

This may be something we want to add a link to in our Resources page or maybe as a reference on one or more EG pages, assuming we have some confidence it won't disappear into wherever The Atlantic puts older articles in the near future.

It pretty much agrees with what OA says, but it's kind of fun to read something like this in a magazine like the Atlantic and I liked the way they articulated the vision of a post-labor society. I'd recommend against adding this to the resources page though- given the lifespan of some articles on the Atlantic's website.