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Full Version: Is there any possibility for new planets in future?
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Hello guys. I never understand how a planet is build. Is there is any future scope that a new planet will be developed in the space.
I think there is; it would be very difficult, but using an array of potential future technologies, building artificial planets in a finite time should be possible. We have made a very small one already - the ISS is a self-contained habitable structure, more of a moon than a planet, but it is on the small end of what is possible.

Making a planet-sized object should be do-able, assuming we can master self-replicating technology, asteroid-mining or better still star-mining, and orbital ring technology for cooling and delivery of material and for support where necessary. Given all these things it should be possible to build planets in a range of different sizes. Most of these technologies are described in more detail in Paul Birch's articles, collected here
IMHO (particularly given OA tech) making a planet is a much easier proposition than making one that's even vaguely habitable. Even if the material is cooled before delivery, heat would be generated via gravitational compression. And it would continue to leak out for a VERY long time; after 4 billion years, quite apart from radioactive heating there is still heat being generated by the slow crystallisation of the deepest part of the outer core.
Jupiter is also still heated by compression. Earth may have been very hot when it first coalesced (and again when the Moon was formed). But it cooled enough to have liquid water by 4.4 gya.