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Full Version: <ADMIN> Minor issues due to server move
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Fixed Efficiency Maximization Paradigm
Fixed Grapeships
Fixed Linelayer.

Will look at that matching thing tonight.

Attack of the Hume
broken image link
Fixed that image.

Looking at the galleries, though, they're broken in some other ways that will need attention.. Adding that to my to-do list..

Also, I note that some of the images in the galleries weren't created with thumbnails, so I'll bug the editors about that..
OK. The gallery layout is better than it was (don't see the difference? Great! It can't have been that bad, then Smile
Another broken image link:

The second image, which is titled "Cycler", of G. David Nordley
I've removed the � symbols from Trip and associated articles, merely because they are among our most recent articles. Hopefully Trond can find some way of removing them from the rest of the site.
Broken image discovered here in the course of my other edits.

Steve, perhaps you can fix this one more easily than I?
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