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Full Version: <Admin> Brief hiatus in service
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Hello, all,

I'm re-importing some data into our database to address one of the issues we noticed after our move last Sunday. While I'm doing this, the main site will be inaccessible.

The forum will remain up and active.

I hope to have this completed quickly.
And we're back!
Unfortunately, some problems still exist.

For example, attempting to access any of the Episode links on the page
generates the error message

Database error: Unknown column 'xcms' in 'where clause'.

SQL: SELECT * FROM xcms_pages WHERE page_id = xcms


#0 /home2/orionsar/public_html/models/model_pages.php(203): db_execute('SELECT * FROM x...')
#1 /home2/orionsar/public_html/controllers/cont_oa.php(359): PageFacade::get('xcms')
#2 /home2/orionsar/public_html/xcms.php(107): include('/home2/orionsar...')
#3 {main}
I can fix that - the ilinks are now much simpler