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Full Version: Astronomical Photography Awards
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This reminded me of sunrise in a binary planet, as it did the photographer:

"Ainsley Bennett got up early in October to capture his picture, Binary Haze. 'I knew the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter were in close conjunction,' he said. 'To my surprise, the mist added a new dimension by accentuating the brightness of the crescent moon and Venus making them look like glowing spheres. The resultant image looked like something from a science-fiction movie, with binary stars rising from the horizon of an unknown planet.' "

[Image: _91164904_ainselybennett.jpg]
Cool image! Smile
Interesting colour contrast. That's probably due to Rayleigh scattering in the Earth's atmosphere, since the Moon and Venus are at different heights above the horizon.
Darn, past the editing phase. "This reminded me of sunrise in a binary planet system, as it did the photographer:"