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Full Version: New and Amended pages up 2 June 2013
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New and amended pages at Orion's Arm

[Image: 3d_OA_2.jpg]
Interesting updates. I wish I could be an Asomniac, I could get so much more done that way (and unfortunately, likely procrastinate more as well).
Hm. I notice in the Enremdea EG, it mentions Orion's ascension to S4. However, I was under the impression that Orion's is an S5. I thought that was mentioned somewhere or other... Should something about that be added to the writeup?

The S5 ascension would come later, presumably. That should be included on the page about that archailect itself, rather than the Enremdea page.
I've amended the entry for Enremdeaorion slightly, here