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Full Version: Hi!
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Hi. I've been following OA for a while, and it's become my favorite sci-fi universe, yet somehow, I never found the time to sign up here. Well, now I have, so hello, everyone!
Welcome to OA!
Hi There!

Welcome to OA Smile
Welcome to the forum Smile any particular parts of OA you find most interesting? Feel free to dive right in with questions, comments and ideas.
Hi and welcome.
Welcome! Enjoy your stay Smile

Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Hello Alphadon. I'm a big fan of RPG too. Big Grin
Hi, very new here. I think i have just fallen in love with the OA universe. Its so well done. I don't think there are any far future universes, of near similar maturity, that come close to its realism and thoroughness.
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