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Full Version: Worldbuilder youtube channel
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Interesting! I'll need to look at this further. In fact, I'd suggest that a number of us take a look at this further.

If we like/agree with his methodology and conclusions, we could look at posting the link to his channel in our Links and Extras page and maybe reach out to him and introduce ourselves. I did notice that it looked like he had one of our images flash up on the background toward the end of his post. So he might know about OA already.

I think that was one of Anders' images - he did a detailed study of a donut-shaped hoopworld on his blog recently, and I do intend to use that data in OA if I can, with his permission- but it isn't part of OA yet.
I've been subbed to Artifexian for a while now. His conlang videos are particularly interesting for a non-linguist.
Interesting. Big Grin
Subscribed to his channel... He's definitely got some very interesting items.