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Full Version: On creating the kind of AI that humans imagine
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They do too have a concept of time.

What they don't have is units of time shorter than a day.

They're like that old guy on the porch who, when someone walking past asks him what time it is, says "thursday."
Quote:And then there's the current propensity for people to use present tense when they should be using past.
I think someone in the language threads pointed out that losing tenses is a symptom of the evolution of the language. As English (somewhat ironically) becomes an international lingua franca, it is losing some of the more complex tenses.

Perhaps it will lose some of the irregular verbs and nouns as well.
I've been watching the replacement of "said" and "says" with "was like" and "is like."

Which is about the fifth different thing that "like" is used for.
Losing tenses is different to losing complexity? Or is the same?
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