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Full Version: Upcoming Forum Maintenance
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Hi folks,

The OA Forum will be temporarily shut down for updates starting around 9pm Wednesday evening (2/22). Down time should be under an hour after which normal operations will resume.

If anything changes about this, further information will be posted.



Administrator - OAUP
What time zone?
Eastern Standard.

Sorry for the mixup.

No worries Smile thanks
The forum maintenance and updates have now been completed (Thanks Trond!!).

You may notice a somewhat different look for the forum. This is a product of the updated software, which has caused the interface to change a bit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


What are the upgrades? Big Grin
(02-24-2017, 08:13 AM)Avengium Wrote: [ -> ]What are the upgrades? Big Grin

Mainly switching to the latest version of the forum, which led to the changes in the look and layout of the forum that you may have noticed. Trond also remove a couple of plug-ins that weren't being used, I believe.

Hello all,

Quick notification - For whatever reason, it appears that the forum has 'lost' the various text editing tools (bold text, converting text to a hyperlink, etc.) that it normally displays when a new message is created or an existing message is replied to.

This is probably an unintended side-effect of our recent update of the forum.

We will be contacting our Webmaster to see about getting this fixed. In the meantime we ask that everyone please be patient while we work through this little hiccup.


Quick update - I received a communication from Trond (our Webmaster). He's traveling right now, but will take a look at the issue as soon as he gets a chance.


Hey, all.

You may have noticed that the forums look different. This is because the update we ran to the forum software took it up two major versions and during the time since the old version was released, MyBB reworked most of the templates used to create pages so that they're not fully compatible with the ones we have been using, which were customized for this site.

I'm working at re-building a new set of templates so that things look similar to how they used to. Until then, things will continue to look odd.
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