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Full Version: Robot rights
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The people over at "In a nutshell" have some interesting thoughts on the subject of robot rights;
I saw that video too.

I figure we should be preemptively giving the first possible vecs at least animal rights to prevent the worst abuses.
Vec rights doubtless would be a highly contentious issue, perhaps deserving of its own article. After all, they're "just machines". Existing robots have no rights, why should they?

Hopefully you've seen the TV show Humans, which is all about the fight for Synth rights. (Synth = humanoid Vec)
There's also a webcomic called Freefall;

They're currently dealing with the issue of robot rights;
(02-28-2017, 05:09 PM)ai_vin Wrote: [ -> ]There's also a webcomic called Freefall;

They're currently dealing with the issue of robot rights;

I love that comic!
I really like this image from the YouTube video in Vin's OP; whatever that robot is holding, it seems to be designed to make some sort of decision between alternatives...
A "laser measure"?
This was the topic of my paper that I had to present in my "capstone" class in university. As a generalized summation, I argued that the speed at which humans change society is on the order of a generation. Gay rights? A generation and counting. women's rights? two generations and counting. Racial equality? a generation and counting. Compare that to the time scales of computer capability increases ("Moore's Law") and you'll see that giving AI some sort of "human rights" will be kind of silly. By the time AI is afforded the same consideration as a human in society at large, the AI will no longer care. ("Oh, so I'm an honorary cockroach? Gee, thanks.")
Subsequent generations of AI will be dealing with other AI, and not humans.
Smart folks are working day and night to ensure that the first generation of true AI are "friendly" - and that's honestly a more important endeavor.
One way to make sure true A.I. are friendly is to ensure their rights preemptively.  That way we our society can set a precedent on how to treat beings with different toposophic shapes.
Super AI is a bad idea. I say stay away from it unless you can transfer a human mind to a computer so it understands that its immoral to turn humans into paperclips.
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