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Full Version: Pan, moon of Saturn, close up
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On March 7th, Cassini delivered the photos to date of the little ring-sweeping moon Pan. Details of the moon:

Best of Pan before. The grayish left and right borders are the rings.
[Image: Pan_Rev09.2x.jpg]

Pan seen through the rings:
[Image: Pan_side_view.jpg]
And now Pan seen in March 2017 with ring duff piled around its waist:
[Image: Pan_by_Cassini%2C_March_2017.jpg]

And from another angle:
[Image: Pan_%28moon%29_edge-on.jpg]
This seems to be a pile of snow or ice, accumulated along the equator as Pan moves through the Ring material. There is a similar ring on Iapetus, but it looks smaller because of Iapetus is a much larger moon.