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Full Version: Hello from Ireland
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I'm Duddy9. I'm an electronic engineer from Derry. I love old movies, comics, games, literature and the theater.

When I'm not working, I like to sketch, hike, volunteer and build impractical machines and robots at my local FabLab.

When it comes to science fiction I prefer older writers such as Jules Verne, although I did really enjoy Kim Stanley Robinson's 2312, Iain M Banks Culture series and Frank Herbert's Dune series. I'm a bit hit and miss when it comes to Arthur C Clarke, I love his ideas, but his characters drive me nuts.

I've been enchanted with the OA for the last year after coming across it by accident. I love the mega-structures and the idea that humanity has diversified both physically and culturally. When I think of the OA I think of the old Star Trek phrase "Infinite diversity in infinite combination".

I have a few ideas of my own and hope to make contributions to the OA.

And we will look forward to seeing your work.

Welcome to the OA funhouse.
Hi - Welcome to OA Smile