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Full Version: [Videogame] Endless Space. April 2017, 97% off.
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I have in my Steam library a game called Endless Space. Now the developer made an Special promotion.
A Discount of the 97% of the game. From 31,99€ for a limited time now you can buy it for 1,--€

The special discount ends this monday, 17 of april.

Endless Space is a Sci fi game like Master of Orion or Galactic Civilizations. A game where you conquest dozens of systems and meet alien species.

Anyone in this forum play this game too?
I own the game (picked it up as part of an Endless bundle sale a few months ago) but I've never actually installed it. Stellaris has been my go-to for space strategy Smile
Yep, another Stellaris player here too. While we're on the subject of space games, does anyone here follow Star Citizen or play Elite Dangerous?
I'm not much of a modern gamer, but there is one game I've been playing since I was a kid. It's called Birth of the Federation, it's a strategy game about space colonisation, trading and warfare. Has anyone else played it here?