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I thought it would be fun to create a thread to discuss what you're currently reading or books you would like to recommend.

I don't have much spare time at the moment what with work and my part-time Physics degree, but one book I've managed to get into is a charming mix of fiction and science fact.

'New World of Mr Tompkins' covers areas such as relativity and particle physics in an engaging way with wonderful illustrations.

What books, either fact or fiction are you reading?
I've recently finished Alastair Reynold's Poseidons' Children trilogy. Interesting insights on hypertechnology and the behaviour of sentient but non-sophont AI.

As often happens in Reynolds, several characters are placed into positions of mortal danger and have to deal with the prospect of certain death. Not all manage to escape their fate. But it is pretty upbeat for all that. Interesting to see a future dominated by African interests as well.