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Full Version: Hello! I'm glad I joined!
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I'm a writer, and I am building a setting for my work from the OA Canon.
I'm using AstroSynthesis for the heavy lifting of building the backdrop, playing around with the trial until payday.
I wonder if there are any members with expertise scripting it because I want it to use the Tranquility Calendar.
The Gregorian Calendar doesn't work for what I'm trying to do.
Which part of the forum should I lurk in to find some help with that?

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so”...Galileo Galilei
Welcome, we're glad you joined too.

For help with 3D modelling, try the Mapping Worlds or Art and Visual Media forums.
Hi Frank.
Hi There! Welcome to OA Smile

Don't forget to join the Discord!
I've always wanted to see OA in Astrosynthesis; if I can be of any help, please ask. I've got a lot of location data I haven't had time to share yet.
(04-11-2018, 11:34 PM)stevebowers Wrote: [ -> ]I've always wanted to see OA in Astrosynthesis; if I can be of any help, please ask. I've got a lot of location data I haven't had time to share yet.

Well, so far I have managed to create an ipt name generating script. I can generate a random sector and any star that isn't given a default name will get a Greek letter name followed by a name from the Tranquility Calander, plus some extra scientist and philosopher names (Including Mark Twain).
Epsilon Armstrong anybody?
So for right now, that works for starting to create my setting; not that I can use up a whole sector, but there's plenty of room to grow.
I'm going to set my sector in The Outer Volumes, or The Periphery.
My populated worlds will be connected by routes facilitated by wormhole generators, or is that no good?
Until today, I couldn't imagine myself setting a private eye story in a scifi setting but this happened today...

"I woke up in my new clone with that awful backup/restore headache. I would take a good old fashioned migraine over one of these any time.
Worst headache ever, but not near as bad as that time someone killed me during the copying process.
The folks at Consciousness Recovery had to do a fresh backup and trim my memory. Otherwise I couldn't recover from the resulting PTSD.
I got that from my medical records, because I couldn't remember.
Imagine that.
Yet that wasn't the most important question throbbing in my mind at that moment.
Who killed me?
More over, why would anybody want to kill me?
I went and got some recovery meds to ease the pounding in my skull.
There wasn't enough time for my murder to be in the news yet, so I decided to go get some food.
It occurred to me that I must have been getting close to something, or they wouldn't have risked killing me. It seemed that The Covenant had assumed I couldn't afford to keep a clone and a backup. They wouldn't have taken a chance, committing an act as desperate as murder.
I fell into line in the medfac cafeteria and began to pile bad hospital food on my tray.
I was so hungry, I would have chewed the leg off of an ostrich at that point.
One of the draw backs of awakening in a fresh clone"

But, back to location data.
The Inner Sphere is basically sol centric space, right?
So why couldn't you start with the built in template that is centered on sol, and build off of that?
I'm 56 years old with a trade school education in IT and some VERY unrefined programming (Read as scripting) skills, so I don't know how helpful I can be, but let me know and I'd be happy to help out.
Also, has anybody tried Blender for 3D modeling in OA?
Thanks y'all!
Appreciate the welcome wagon!
Hello and welcome!  Smile
Hmm, as I browse the site, I realize it's not going to be ok to just generate random sectors in mapped areas.
That's actually pretty cool, it takes a lot of guesswork out of what I'm doing.
So if I consider a "sector" to be a 20ly area, which seems awfully small now.
Well here...
If I look at the 2D map of the Middle Regions, on the upper left is a grid roughly centered on an object named sh 2 200 under the Solar Dominion.
What is the distance to sh 2 187 in ly?
If I roughly transcribe a circle around sh 2 200 it seems to contain BF528, BF529, NGC 1502, and Stock 23.
Where is the data that tells me what those objects are, and their stats?
If we made sh 2 200 the x=0 y=0 z=0 of a section of space stretching out a little further than the distance to sh 2 187; that distance could rounded off and that could a rough and ready "sector".
An empty sector could be created in Astrosynthesis, then the x,y,z coordinates of the other objects could be mapped out and they could be displayed in relation to sh 2 200.
Astrosynthesis can use a lot of planetary and orbital data, and determine the habitability of a body, and a lot of other things.
I find the idea of doing that with the Inner Sphere to be daunting though.
Which is why I picked a random sparsely populated area to start with.
Does any of that make sense?
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