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Full Version: How to fit hundreds or thousands of habitable planets in a solar system
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Neat! This makes the Lab at Ecotopia Dyson have a RL basis, at least if the retrograde upgrade is being used there.

It also seems likely that other empires (and especially the MPA) might have created something like this for one reason or another.

We should add this link to our Worldbuilding Resources page.

While the final state seems to be stable, it seems to me that the process of assembling the system would require careful planning.
That's really cool Smile Hmm...I now thinking there should be an MPA system with thousands of worlds (thousands more under construction) that are exact replicas of specific planets elsewhere throughout Terragen time and space.
Yes! I really like this article.
And the graphic visualization here is good too.

I like this part:
" I can only think of one way our 416-planet system could form. It must have been purposely engineered by a super-intelligent advanced civilization. I’m calling it the Ultimate Engineered Solar System. "

Some parts at the end look like OA. Smile