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Full Version: New and Amended Pages 5/7/18
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New and Amended Pages 5/7/18
Thanks are due to our new Editing Team!

5 July 2018 (Mendel 14, 49 A.T.)
New Pages
Braciola- The Ecological Consciousness :: The Buy Time Machine :: Cliotelescopy :: Petholmers :: Tohulian Skyships :: Morphodynamics :: FuMa :: Cyborg Reproduction
Amended Pages
The Shadow Federation :: The Last War :: California :: The United States of America :: Theories of the Paranormal :: JESTERZ :: The Church of Quantum Suicide :: Hyperfog ::
New Images
The Wormhole Nexus :: Terran Federation :: Zoeific Biopolity :: Clade Cyborn


Anything I've missed can be included in the next update- hopefully it won't be so long in coming this time.
Another update, very nice