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Full Version: Ken Ferjik article page disrupted by OneDrive
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After a few seconds of displaying the Ken Ferjik article at my browser keeps getting redirected to a Microsoft error page complaining about a server error. ( ) Apparently this is the result of a link showing a connection to OneDrive as an  embedded image or something similar.

It'd be nice if this type of disruption could be avoided. Would it be possible to provide a "simple" link to the OneDrive page instead?
To my knowledge, we don't currently use OneDrive for anything on the OA site. Odd. Will loop Trond in on this if needed.
That's a link to my One Drive account - there is a zip containing a Celestia model of Ken Ferjik (the world, not the bloke). It works okay for me, but it is my One Drive, so maybe I have special access. Does anyone else find that this page is disrupted?
I've changed it to a simple link - hopefully that will work better. If not, I can upload it to the EG management system. At one point in the past there was a limit on file size, so I started using One Drive for Celestia models- but that seems to be fixed now.
Both the Ken Ferjik page and the new OneDrive link are working fine now. Thanks!

I suppose MS might have been doing some maintenance on their servers when I encountered the problem ....