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Full Version: OA Site Redesign - Call for Images + Header Suggestions
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Hello all,

Tonight I had a call with Trond, our WebMaster about the ongoing redesign of the OA Website.

For those of you are who are newer to the project, this is something that has been going on for a bit and that is now starting to get closer to going live. Thanks to Trond and Dfleymmes1134 for their work on thisSmile

For an idea of the general design (NOT the color scheme, especially not the drop menu color scheme - that is deliberately painful right now as a reminder to change it) of the new OA homepage to come, you can see this link HERE.

The design of the remaining site pages (not including the EG, whose look is not changing at this time) is not fully nailed down yet, but will share design elements/the design theme with/of the main page.

As part of the main page, the plan is to have the big background image cycle through probably three different images, each with its own text and such. The other 'non-EG' pages of the website will also likely need images as well. And it is part of the overall operational plan of the new website to be able to periodically swap out images to change up the look of the website if/when we deem that desirable.

With that in mind, we would like to put out a call for images from our resident artists. Dimensions we are looking for are:

2 to 1 aspect ratio up to 1400 pixels wide - but even larger is fine up to 4000 pixels.

Images should be representative of OA and preferably of a sort to make people want to start exploring OA. Cool/awesome/scary are all good. This is still a work in progress so there is not yet any kind of hard deadline to get submissions submitted or the like. But we'd certainly enjoy seeing things as soon as you can reasonably produce them.

On a related note, we would also like to have a discussion/see suggestions re the font from the project title, the logo, and the banner they are sitting on. Basically we are looking for a more stylized image and use of the OA logo.

Ok - I think that about covers it. Questions, concerns, and ideas/suggestions (including attached artwork) should all be posted to this thread.


Just bumping this up in the forum
I think I'd wanted to use ayuthia as a font but verdana is supported by more browsers. The font should definitely be sans serif. I'll come back to how much space the items take up since css5 has some capabilities that will help here
Posted on the discord Smile
inspired by this design of an 'OA motif' by Bernd Helfert

here's a submission for the homepage. i've got lots of variations if needed. 
(this is the small file, for viewing purposes)
(06-13-2019, 05:38 PM)Dfleymmes1134 Wrote: [ -> ]inspired by this design of an 'OA motif' by Bernd Helfert

here's a submission for the homepage. i've got lots of variations if needed. 
(this is the small file, for viewing purposes)
Could we use one of our own spacecraft, rather than that one, which is adapted from a copyright image (which we do have permission to use, but it is very old.)?
Here's another possible OA homepage image
This collage uses work from juan ochoa, chris schaffer, steve bowers, and me, so I'll ask everyone involved if it's ok to use the images

i'll look around for a replacement spaceship for that eye graphic- though it is nice and bulky
Just a minor suggestion: I think that the ship would be better placed above the sillhouette crowd.
I'll leave my comment about...uh, how much I think this looks like surreal memes out of this thread Tongue
A modern conversion starship would probably be a better fit than this Sundering-era ship, but I guess it works as well. Also, in my opinion, we should use a neat, clean map of the Terragen sphere centered on Sol as a background of that pic above. For this purpose, I think this map will probably work the best.
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