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Full Version: Hello World
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Hello world. I joined this forum for two main reasons

One of them is that I want to use many concepts and names from Encyclopedia Galactica in a work of mine and I don't know how much I can use under the terms and conditions

Secondly I noticed that in the NoLWoCS there is no article for Helium planets or a planet type I came up with called pseudo-Cytherean planets which is a variant of a Helium planet that is old enough it lost most of its Helium leaving a Cytherean like atmosphere composed primarily of CO2 and Nitrogen with Sulfuric acid clouds. I wish to add articles on both of them. For later articles I also see no article on Eccentric Jupiters and their possibly unique weather systems and might be interested in writing one sometime. And I would like to contribute a gas giant with an ecosystem too.

I hope I can help a lot with this project. I really enjoy it and its efforts to stay faithful to known science
Hi There - Welcome to OASmile

Regarding using terms and concepts from OA, including the NoLWoCS - We do allow that sort of thing from time to time, with our main requirement being that proper attribution is provided by those using our content. Exactly how much we allow someone to use and the form the attribution takes depends on the details.

If you'd like to discuss this in more detail, please contact me using the PM feature on the forum.

And once again - Welcome to OA!



Looking forward to your contributions. Please post your drafts in the EG forum. Cheers!