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Full Version: What music are you listening to right now?
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Let me kick off this thread with some Afrobeat:

From Chile

From France
Sparks need a lot more recognition, especially for their two 1974 albums.

Kimono My House


Amateur Hour is my personal favourite.
Here is some quality reggae

From London, with images by Moebius, French SF cartoonist

Ezra Collective - Colonial Mentality

"The strong influence of Afro Beat, Reggae and Hip Hop, tied together by tuition and understanding of jazz creates the unique Ezra Collective sound. Ezra Collective have also been used as rapper Pharoahe Monch’s live band"

From Brazil

"Not Falling" Anelis Assumpção (VideoClipe Oficial)

From Italy

Wicked Dub Division meets North East Ska Jazz Orchestra - Mama

From Canada
Moment to Moment | FOUR80EAST

Who would have thought The Architect listens to reggae in his down time?
I was very much entertained by an evening of Punk Music on the BBC last night. Some of those songs were fairly rough and not exactly ready; but they were entertaining.
Bluetech : Crystalline Forms

Shpongle : Empty Branes

Flooting Grooves : Across The Threshold
After Star Wars...

The Peaking Goddess Collective : Star Peace
Mo' Horizons : Walk Into Space
This is the perfect music to listen to while writing about Europa's ocean
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