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Full Version: Attainable FTL?
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Breaking the warp barrier: hyper-fast solitons in Einstein–Maxwell-plasma theory

Solitons in space-time capable of transporting time-like observers at superluminal speeds have long been tied to violations of the weak, strong, and dominant energy conditions of general relativity. The negative-energy sources required for these solitons must be created through energy-intensive uncertainty principle processes as no such classical source is known in particle physics. This paper overcomes this barrier by constructing a class of soliton solutions that are capable of superluminal motion and sourced by purely positive energy densities. The solitons are also shown to be capable of being sourced from the stress–energy of a conducting plasma and classical electromagnetic fields. This is the first example of hyper-fast solitons resulting from known and familiar sources, reopening the discussion of superluminal mechanisms rooted in conventional physics.

Erik W Lentz2,1[/url]

Published 9 March 2021 • © 2021 IOP Publishing Ltd
[url=]Classical and Quantum Gravity
Volume 38Number 7Citation Erik W Lentz 2021 Class. Quantum Grav. 38 075015

Is this bogus or real?