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Here's the main part of my bio in a nutshell so that you better understand who I am and what I am %) No ads until you ask, but this is literally what my brains are made of.

Nearly ten years ago I was the member of SCP-RU, but soon was disappointed in its methods of worldbuilding and started my own colossal sci-fi project.
  • The metasetting that can logically describe and accommodate literally every other setting in the world, from «Quantum thief» and «My little pony» to «Codex Seraphinianus» and what you saw in yesterday dreams.
  • The title interdimensional multispecies civilization that studies anomalies, creates new rigorous scientific or transcientific fields and invents new tech to turn the world into perfect place for everyone or even more beings.
  • No wars or other kinds of violence - nearly every problem can be solved in a peaceful way, and it's much more rational to work together rather than spend a ton of resources to destroy even more resources.
  • Mind engineering everywhere! Like school education in our world. But no bad brainwashing - just making everyone clever and self-aware enough so that people could come up with the best world by themselves, create an utopia and don't break it after a few generations or sooner.
  • All types of transhumanism, posthumanism and other ascension levels, even totally inconceivable for who you called «modosophonts» - but any sapient being has truly infinite potential to gather knowledge, and that's why its life is so important.
  • Some sort of playing with reality or listening to its own wishes and helping them to come true. Like putting a teddy bear on a window in such a way that a passer-by who sees it will easily present this toy as a part of some interesting story. Or a small shop that sells used stationery and other things that have intriguing biography. These sorts of activity create a very special atmosphere, unique for every place - a kind of magic that can be easily embodied even in the real world. And in fantastic worlds there can be even «atmospheric phenomena» - nice and colorful shifts in reality caused just by people's lifestyle.
I haven't heard about OA until last years and by that time had no powers or time to thoroughly explore it, but we surely have very similar ideals - my project is just less demanding about the accuracy of physics. Also I work on it almost alone, and it still has only 3,5 readers, so I want to share my ideas somewhere so more people could see them. Not sure if I'll really participate in OA (oh wait, I just did that), but I like to inspire others, so here I am!
Hi! Welcome to OA!

Feel free to join in on any conversations that grab your interest or to ask any questions that come to mind. Or start new conversations if you feel so inclined.

Hope this helps,

Welcome to OA!

Those sound like very expansive worlds

These canon /primer pages may help you as well
Hi, welcome!
Welcome to OA!