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Full Version: ArcBuilders universe
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Hello, anyone remembers the universe and perhaps has some archive links about it please? It seemed to have disappeared from the Internet, which is really sad. I loved the setting, and I preferred the ArcBuilder PCL system to the Orion's Arm one (sorry). I also loved the version if Proxima b and the Van Maanen Star system (planet Absalom) in particular. Big thanks to anyone who salvaged at least a bit of it.
The Wayback machine doesn't seem to have much on the ArcBuilders setting, but does list at least the opening pages of a forum that was set up to discuss it for a time.

Beyond that, the creator of the ArcBuilders setting is a member of OA, although mostly no longer active. He's also a member of our Discord, although I don't think I've seen him active there.

If you'd like you could try reaching out to him via Discord or I could message him and see if he'd be available to talk to/had any info on the setting in his files that he'd be up for discussing or sharing.

Hope this helps,

I spoke to John a couple of months ago; he is still around, but may be too busy to keep his website up.