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Full Version: Mystery Flesh Pit National Park
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These days, it takes a lot for a work of fiction to disturb me.  (Most nightmare fuel is on the news).  However, it looks like Trevor Roberts has done just that.

In an alternate 1973, a drilling company called Anodyne makes a shocking discovery in the heart of Texas.  A colossal living, breathing creature - hundreds of miles wide and dozens of miles deep - is resting underground.  Three years later, they make it into a tourist attraction.  Visitors are encouraged to descend down its throat and explore its body.

And it is even marketed to families.

They even build a multi-storey visitor centre deep inside the creature.

Oh, and did I mention that they have had a few ... er ... accidents?

If this thing were real, I wouldn't go near it.  In fact, I wouldn't even stay on the same continent.

Some of you may notice a slight similarity to the Queen of Pain.
Yes! I’ve been a big fan of the mystery flesh pit
Such Great art
I am amazed at the sheer attention to detail put into this work.  Particularly how he captured the visual style of advertisements and brochures of the 1970s and 80s.  The diagrams are equally impressive.  It takes exceptional talent to tap into primal fears and societal hubris so effectively.