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Full Version: Paralyzed Man Walks Naturally After Implants
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Progress. This was sci-fi in the 1980s. I wonder when it'll become mainstream? 50 years? 20 years?
Assuming they don't run into significant speedbumps - or something better doesn't come along - I'd think no more than 20yrs.

I wouldn't be surprised if they figure out a way to control it off a smartphone app well before then.

Neat! I'm very pleased to see the progress.
Apologies if this is already covered in the forums somewhere, but I posted in my blog a while back that neurological disorders if detectable by wearable/implantable scanners could alert people if something is wrong, this would be useful for many people with intermittent neurological failure.

Anyone seen any work done on this?
I haven't seen real life examples of this, but OA includes the concept of Neuropsychological Engineering, which by Y11k is at a point where people can change their mental structures/wants/needs/desires more or less at will. Potentially, early forms of this technology - and/or early timeline developments in Direct Neural Interface technologies could have operated via implants specialized to intervene in ways such as you're indicating here.

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