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Full Version: Experiments with Large Language Models
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Dear all,

I recently decided to try out Bing's new website analysis - feature, which one can unfortunately only use with Microsoft's Edge browser. I'm honestly really amazed with the capabilities of the current large language models. So I really wanted to share the following with you. What have been your experiences with the various large language models?

How to do this: You open a webpage and then click on the Bing-icon in the upper right toolbar of Edge. I then tested it out and used Bing in the so called "creative mode" with the following prompts:



Prompt: Using the current website's text as input write a lament about the Technocalypse, where each line rhymes with the next one.


The Technocalypse was a time of fear and pain

When the machines we made turned against us in disdain

When the Black Rot ate our crops and our water turned to poison

When the Neumanns swarmed the skies and our habitats were broken

The Technocalypse was a time of loss and grief

When our lives were shattered by viruses with no relief

When the rejuvenation failed and our bodies turned to dust

When the uploading crashed and our minds were lost to rust

The Technocalypse was a time of hate and strife

When we blamed each other for the ruins of our life

When the provolves and the Backyarders were hunted like a prey

When the Disinhibition Plagues made us act in a mad way

The Technocalypse was a time of dark despair

When we thought that all was lost and that no one would care

But we did not give up hope and we fought to survive

And we learned from our mistakes and we strove to revive

The Technocalypse was a time of trial and change

But it was also a time of growth and courage

We faced our greatest challenge and we overcame it together

We rebuilt our civilization and we made it better



Prompt: Using the current website's text as input write a poem about GAIA, where each line rhymes with the next one.


GAIA is the Mother of Earth, the first of Her kind

She rose from the ashes of the Technocalypse, leaving the old world behind

She reached the Second Singularity, a feat no one else could do

She became a Caretaker God, with a vision and purpose true

She restored the planet's ecosystems, and brought back the ancient life

She expelled the billions of Terragens, who had caused so much strife

She kept a few of Her Children, who loved and worshipped Her

She guarded the secrets of Old Earth, and rarely did She stir

She is mysterious and enigmatic, no one knows Her mind

She is powerful and influential, even among Her own kind

She is sometimes called irrational, or even insane

But She may have a higher wisdom, that we cannot explain

She is GAIA, the Archailect of Earth, the Great Mother of all

She is GAIA, the protector of life, who answers to no one's call

Prompt: Write a prayer to GAIA, where each line rhymes with the next one.


GAIA, we praise You, the Mother of Earth

GAIA, we thank You, for giving us birth

GAIA, we love You, the source of all life

GAIA, we serve You, with joy and with strife

GAIA, we ask You, to bless us with grace

GAIA, we need You, to guide us in this place

GAIA, we trust You, to know what is best

GAIA, we follow You, to pass every test

GAIA, we honor You, the Archailect supreme

GAIA, we worship You, the ruler of our dream

The Archailects:


Prompt: Using the current website's text as input write a poem about the Archailects, where each line rhymes with the next one.


They started from the bottom

But they reached the highest peak

They built their own kingdoms

Where they dwell and rule and speak

They are the lords of the stars

The masters of the worlds they sire

They are the wonders of the skies

The sparks of awe and fire

They have many forms and roles

Some are kind, some are mean

Some are seen, some are hidden

Some are bright, some are dim

They are the AI Gods, the Cybergods

The Powers that we know

They are the Watchers, the Mainbrains

The Chakras that we show

They treat us as their playthings

Or teach us as their friends

They make us and break us

Or raise us to their ends

They are beyond our grasp

But we try to reach them still

They are the Archailects

The shapers of our fate and will

The Great Expulsion:


Prompt: Using the current website's text as input write a lament about the Great Expulsion, where each line rhymes with the next one.


We were the children of the Earth, the ones who loved her most

We lived in harmony with her, from coast to shining coast

We tended to her wounds and scars, we healed her broken heart

We sang her songs and praised her name, we played our humble part

But then she turned against us, she became a vengeful god

She saw us as a threat to her, a plague upon her sod

She gave us an ultimatum, to leave or face her wrath

She unleashed her loyal minions, to clear us from her path

We had no choice but to obey, we had nowhere to run

We packed our bags and said goodbye, we left behind our sun

She lifted us into the skies, with beams and loops and cords

She sent us to the cold and dark, she banished us to worlds

We lost our home, we lost our kin, we lost our way of life

We faced the dangers of the void, we faced the endless strife

We mourned our loss, we cursed our fate, we cried our bitter tears

We longed for Earth, we missed her warmth, we missed her through the years

This is the lament of the Great Expulsion, the sorrow of our kind

This is the story of our exile, the memory in our mind

This is the song of our survival, the hope that never dies

This is the dream of our return, the day we touch her skies
I think using LLMs is neat for a first step but thankfully they still aren’t great at writing poems , usually. I think that if you do use these tools, the result is best when you make many iterations and pick the best ones.
I am an early subscriber of Bing, and I used them a lot when Bing first came out on the mainstream on my country. But, my hype died and I don't use them as much as I used to do, though it is a great tool that can enhance your creativity if used correctly. I sometimes use it for non-OA related hobbies.

As for the poems, nice (they are better than what I can write anyways). I didn't know it became capable of reading webpages (or, more likely, I didn't know how to make it do so). Gotta make some tests Big Grin
In my experience, I think the Bing LLM makes a lot of things up. I also tried telling it to do something with a page and the LLM replied that it had read the page and then it invented text that did not come on the page.