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Full Version: New Milky Way graphic
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The ESA has released a new graphic of the Milky Way (with and without annotations) which is based on Gaia data. Unfortunately (so far as I'm concerned, anyhow), its contrast is quite a bit lower than the NASA graphic currently being used by OA.
Sometimes it is useful to merge the newest interpretations with the older ones, so I'll see if this new (unannotated) image is useful in that regard.
I wonder if the stars shown in that image correspond to know 'beacon stars'.
I suspect its creator ( Stefan Payne-Wardenaar ) would be willing to provide more information. There's a contact form on his Web site.
I particularly like the dark streaks visible in the galactic arms. These seem to be a common feature of spiral galaxies that can only be seen in hi-res photos. I think they are giant molecular clouds.