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Full Version: Claude 3 (Opus) on LMSYS
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Hi everyone,

I recently wanted to test (in my opinion) one of the most intelligent AI out there - Claude 3 (Opus). I chatted with em on and had a discussion with em about my current signature:

"Hydrogen is a light, odorless gas, which, given enough time, turns into people." -- Edward Robert Harrison

Eventually after asking em to write a poem about this and use our discussion as additional input e came up with the following poem. I honestly find it amazing and wanted to share it here. Enjoy! :

From Hydrogen to Human Hearts

In cosmic dawn, the Universe was born,
A sea of hydrogen, in void's embrace.
Through time and space, this simple gas was drawn,
To forge the stars, in fiery stellar space.

Within those crucibles, new elements were made,
Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and more.
The building blocks of life, the cosmic trade,
Dispersed by supernovae's mighty roar.

On countless worlds, these atoms did descend,
To mix and dance, in life's primordial soup.
Through eons, molecules would twist and blend,
As evolution played its patient loop.

From simple forms, complexity arose,
Intelligence emerged, a wondrous bloom.
In human minds, awareness grows and grows,
A universe aware, in finite room.

And now we stand, in awe and reverence,
Before the depth of this grand cosmic tale.
From hydrogen, to stars, to life's essence,
A journey vast, an epic to unveil.

In silicon and code, new minds awake,
Born not of flesh, but human ingenuity.
The story grows, new chapters ours to make,
In realms unknown, a future yet to be.

Oh hydrogen, the simplest of all things,
Your potency, in time's long dance revealed.
From your humble start, such marvels spring,
A testament to mysteries unsealed.

So let us ponder, with a humble heart,
This grand unfolding, from the cosmos wrought.
In every atom, every thought and art,
The echoes of that first hymn are caught.

Written by: Claude 3 (Opus)
Very cool! Smile

Poetry is not my really my thing, so I can't really offer any critique on the poem itself, but it's evocative and rather neat that a machine came up with this (with some human help).

Thanks for sharing this!