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Full Version: Article on Traversable Wormholes
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This paper makes an interesting contrast on the implications of TWHs vs OA.
Thanks, Tom. We have discussed Michael Price's essay many times in the past; the effect of time dilation on wormhole time is so profound and complex that we have decided that the Archailects will have attempted to reduce the effects of time dilation as much as possible. One way to do this is by sending each pair of wormholes off in different ships, thereby reducing the time differential as much as possible. Even if one of the wormholes only travels a certain distance and returns, the mouth will still be subject to time dilation, just like its twin.

Note that this isn't a hard and fast rule, and a certain amount of time differential does occur in various places and times in the Nexus, which is why the concept of Common Time was introduced, a measure of how far from the effective centre of the Nexus any particular polity may be.
Also some or many of the colonies beyond the nexus may use a different standard time, making any common measure of time effectively impossible.