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Full Version: Announcing - After Tranquility: Tales from Orion's Arm, Vol 2
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On behalf of the Orion's Arm Universe Project, we are very excited to announce the publication of the second OA story collection:

After Tranquility: Tales from Orion's Arm, Vol 2

After Tranquility is a collection of 12 short stories set in the Orion's Arm Universe and includes a mix of works published in Voices: Future Tense - the OA ezine, and new works created especially for this collection.

It is currently available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

Get your copy today!

[Image: After_Tranquility_VFT_promo_image.jpg]
With stories from
Anders Sandberg
Steve Bowers
Stephen Inniss
Darren Ryding
Ron Bennett
Jo Goodman
Daniel Eliot Boese
Jim Wisniewski
Chris Shaeffer
Todd Drashner
M Alan Kazlev
Here's an image by Chris Shaeffer that illustrates his Homecoming story;
[Image: The_Admiral_by_PlatypusDreams.jpg]
Just purchased! Looking forward.