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Full Version: Hail and well met!
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I'm Moe Shinola, from Kansas City. The best intro I can give is to share my book list, which is viewable here:
I've been a fan of OA for several years, just realized there's a forum, so joined up. Looking forward to plumbing the depths here.
Welcome, Moe! Some fine books you have reviewed there.

You are welcome to contribute in any way you prefer, or just to watch us struggling through the collaborative process.
Welcome Moe Smile hope you have a good time here
Hi there, Welcome to OA!

If you have any questions or ideas about the OA setting or the project, feel free to post them to the forum. Smile
I must say, Steve, I really enjoyed your book, Betrayals. Here's my Booklikes review:
Thank you, very much!
I'd love to write more, but the process of helping to edit OA is also a lot of fun, so I tend to concentrate on that. The Skylark story is completely storyboarded, but it just takes time to actually write it.